Meltdowns, tantrums, sibling fighting...

Ultimately leading to arguments with your spouse? 

It doesn't have to be so hard. We only do what we do because we are out of ideas.

That's where I come in. 

I've been there. This parenting gig is hard. With two kids of my own, I had the same struggles. 

Having spent the last 20 years as a psychotherapist, parent coach, and author, I have heard and seen A LOT!  

Coaching families with all different struggles, we usually find that we feel like our struggles are unique to OUR home and that there is something wrong with OUR child.

Neither are usually true. 

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What is it?  4 weeks of video classes (8 hours of total viewing pleasure). The video sessions include one-on-one teaching and virtual video role plays.  The role plays show you EXACTLY how to implement the addition to often being quite funny.

The variety of instruction makes the material more applicable when attempted at home: you see the information, you hear the information and you watch it acted out so that you know exactly how to do it at home!

Where is it?   It’s virtual! Join from the comfort of your own laptop/desktop.

Who is teaching the class?  Michelle Gambs, MA, LMHC, psychotherapist, parent coach, and author.

Why should I be there? You will have confidence even during their meltdowns, you will stop fighting with your partner about your kids, and you will know how to handle fighting between kids.

When is it? 

Ongoing virtually accessible anytime.  

Two of the options provide opportunities to connect weekly by zoom to discuss successes and challenges.


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Course Highlights

Here’s what you get when you join the course:

  • 24/7 access to the can come review the "how to's" when needed!

  • Live Q&A ZOOM group call, weekly, at the end of each session with Michelle

  • Digital downloads of RCB workbook & handouts for quick reference

  • Support and interactive discussion with other parents just like you

  • Access to members area where materials including Michelle's role-play videos, training videos and all of this is backed by a money back guarantee!

  • And...if you don't find yourself laughing during this course, then I didn't do my job!

  • You get CONFIDENCE, even during their meltdowns, that you knew how to handle it

Course Workbook & Handouts

Instant access to digital assets

You have access to the members area with role-play videos that showcase course material. You have downloadable text PDF's & course workbook with handouts for class referenced materials.
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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A Personal Message from Michelle

    • Welcome - How To Get the Most Out of This Course

    • Downloads - Course Workbook + Slides, Order RCB book from Amazon

  • 2

    Session #1

    • 1.1 - The Learning Model

    • 1.2 - The 5 Needs of a Child

    • 1.3 - Paradigm Shifts

    • 1.4 - Life From Your Child's Perspective

    • 1.5 - GEMs (Genuine Encounter Moments)

    • 1.6 - Responding vs. Reacting

    • 1.7 - Birth Order

    • 1.8 - Dethronement - Sibling Rivalry & Fighting

    • 1.9 - Firm and Kind

    • 1.10 - Spanking & Taking Care of Yourself

    • 1.11 - Mission Possible

  • 3

    Session #2

    • 2.1 - Encouragement & Praise

    • 2.2 - Encouragement & Praise (pt 2)

    • 2.3 - 20 Ways to Enhance Your Self Esteem

    • 2.4 - Messages We Give Our Kids

    • 2.5 - 3 Styles of Parenting

    • 2.6 - Setting Limits

    • 2.7 - 3 Components to Self Esteem

    • 2.8 - Encouragement Feast + Family Meeting + Mission Possible

  • 4

    Session #3

  • 5

    Session #4

    • 4.1 (A) - Handling Feelings: Feeling Stoppers

    • 4.1 (B) - Handling Feelings: Feeling Encouragers

    • 4.2 - Detaching with Love & Punishment Visualization

    • 4.3 - Get Results Without Punishment

    • 4.4 - "I" Messages

    • 4.5 - Conflict Resolution

    • 4.6 - Natural & Logical Consequences

    • 4.7 - Family Meetings

    • 4.8 - Mission Possible

  • 6

    What's Next

    • You Did It! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

“Learning from Michelle has transformed our parenting lives. Not that it isn't still hard, it's just that there is a peace in our home now because I feel like I have the tools and I'm able to handle situations in a constructive way!” -- Michelle H.

"Among the many things I learned, the idea of giving choices to my son was the first thing I was able to put into practice and that was after the first night of your course! It was such a simple suggestion that had very noticable positive effect!"  -- Brian M.

Kathleen L.

“Learning from Michelle was so impactful for me! Parenting is hard, and I think the most important concept that I learned from Michelle is to remember that children are not lesser, they are just littler!”

Elizabeth M.

“I took the class and I absolutely loved it. As a parent it made me hit the pause button and think and respond. It makes for a much more peaceful household!”